Missing Europe

I really enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam and Berlin. I felt very refreshed and inspired again. I learned so much and met so many great people. This experience has been awe-inspiring, and I just want to stay for just another day or two. My favorite part was meeting new people. They’ve taught me a lot, and I’m less prone to fall into believing stereotypes. It seems sort of silly once you see the truth with your own eyes. I will continue to reflect on this trip for the rest of my life. Europe will definitely be seeing me again.



Anne Frank Museum

I enjoyed going to the Anne Frank Muesum. I admired her father’s commitment to fulfill her daughter’s dream to become an author. Even though Anne Frank didn’t survive to see the legacy she set, we see it for her. Anne Frank helps us to see the struggle thousands went through from a different perspective. Anne Frank draws insight and withdraws emotions through many. If Anne Frank resurrected and saw the impact she set on the world, tears would probably draw from her eyes. imageI think the best part of going to her house was learning her personality. Many said she could be mean, many said she was full of life, but to me; that means Anne Frank was just a normal human being. I can’t say who any Anne Frank was, but I will say that I wished she survived long enough to share more of her story.

Reality Sinks In…

I’m the first in the family to travel to an European country. I feel a little overwhelmed. I don’t have much to say but hopefully that’ll change by the time we get there.