It will be hard to say “Auf Wiedersehen”

Our 2016 Study abroad trip is to Germany: the land of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and the 150 years old apprenticeship program.  My hope as the study abroad organizer is to allow our students the opportunities to enhance their understanding of German people and their customs.  In addition to cultural visits and daily trips, we will visit colleges with apprenticeship programs to learn about the “dual training program”: Students who are enrolled in vocational /trade colleges split their days between college classroom and on-the-job time at the company. They learn theory in the classroom that is reinforced by the practical experiences at the companies. Students are paid for their time, including the class time.

I know our students will enjoy the art, architecture, and food and will come back with renewed passion for their education, respect and understanding of other cultures, and the desire to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead of them.