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The Technical College System of Georgia developed the “Office of Global Initiatives” with a goal to build recognition of the TCSG education programs around the world and expand new and existing international student and faculty exchange at the TCSG colleges.

WGTC  Study Abroad Learning Objectives: Students will

  • communicate effectively with study abroad course instructors, classmates, among the study abroad team, and with international cultures.
  • engage in global learning opportunities outside the classroom and gain new perspectives.
  • develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking.
  • display a sense of responsibility and confidence.

“Studying abroad, regardless of the length of the program, grows our students personally and academically. As an international student during my undergraduate and graduate studies, the trips in which I participated in Europe allowed me to experience the importance of authentic learning and taught me to appreciate the diverse cultures. I strongly believe and have witnessed during our study abroad trips that study abroad experiences impact lives in ways that cannot be done on college campuses. Our students are exposed to other cultures, ideas, languages, and academia and described the trip as “one of a lifetime” with more appreciation for a different culture and better understanding of the history and perspectives of the people.” Dr. Nihal Gunay.

“The study abroad committee identifies specific programs and courses to connect with offerings at the college of contact in the country WGTC plans to visit. Students taking those courses have opportunity to complete an application packet and interview with the study abroad committee. Selected students attend several study abroad meetings throughout the term and have a specific project/assignment within their course aligned with study abroad objectives. Following the trip, students prepare classroom presentations for multiple courses and community events.” Mrs. Babs Russell.